I am very honored to do the work that I do. My goal is not only to help those who are on a spiritual path have a beautiful healing experience, but provide them the information to continue their path and find their purpose. 

One of the most intuitive people I have ever met!  I was referred to Carolyn by another professional and she was able to pinpoint the source of dis-ease in my body and mindset.  Carolyn is very passionate about her work and helps you to connect within to help heal yourself.  I have since meeting Carolyn, read both of her books and her knowledge is profound of how and why we become ill in the first place.  I highly recommend seeking out Carolyn's expertise for help in healing or to develop your own intuitive skillset.  When I first sought out Carolyn's services for healing, the pricetag didn't matter. I was in such a state of disrepair. I firmly believe that one visit with her is worth months of work with other healers, and she is very fairly priced for the service and value she provides.  I highly recommend this amazing woman for any healing needs!


D.B. Berlin, MD

Professional Photographer

Carolyn is such a blessing to humanity, Mother Earth, and all of her creatures. I've worked with Carolyn for about 2.5 years and I've witnessed such healing and an opening to a higher path of consciousness. Her work is transformative on so many levels. She helped me to lovingly shed lower frequencies, programming, patterns and behaviors that did not serve me. She helped me to stop outsourcing my powers to others while helping me to remember my own divinity. If you want to make quantum leaps of healing and transformation, Carolyn will help you. She works with and through the frequency of unconditional love and she holds an incredible space for one to heal.


Tiffany S

Biotech professional  

There are not enough words to describe the warmth and kindness that emanate from Carolyn: it’s like a soft blanket that makes you feel comforted and protected at the same time. Her energy is uplifting and grounding in equal measure. She is able to bring light into your darkest moments, help you find a path when you’re meandering and move forward with positivity and new energy.  She can tap into your innermost thoughts, fears and hopes without being invasive. She nurtures and guides with love and healing, rather than judgment. She empowers you and moves your spirit in a way that motivates and strengthens you, so you are able to find a clearer way forward. I am very lucky to have her as a friend and spiritual advisor.

S. D. J.

Entrepreneur, Independant Business Woman

Carolyn is one of my most trusted sources of guidance and alignment. To say that she is intuitive is an understatement. Energy work is very delicate, and Carolyn creates a safe and trusting environment for whatever energy is emerging in the moment. Expect breakthroughs, even if it was not what you thought you were going to be dealing with that day. Also expect to learn a lot about yourself, your blocks and to begin shifting your energy for ascension.

Cynthia L.

Attorney, Bestselling Author, Engineer