Galactic Channeling

The Basics of Galactic Channeling

Whether it’s a starseed origin reading or galactic channeling that you need, it’s important to know the basics of this incredible process. Your session will begin with a brief meditation that will invite all beings of love and light and our higher selves to surround you with peace and love. The galactic channeling session typically begins with information that flows naturally, or you can start by including a few prepared questions. The answers to these questions will come directly from your higher self and or galactic family. Think of your starseed origin reading as a conversation between yourself and the highest intelligent beings.

As you go through galactic channeling, you’ll experience a deeper inner learning experience. Those in the galaxy will speak to you and empower you as you make new discoveries along the way. Not only will you receive the answers to your most pressing questions, but you’ll likely find out much more than you ever imagined possible. Our galactic friends will communicate with you and work in a practical way to help you expand your consciousness as you discover the path toward inner wisdom.

During a galactic channeling, you may feel vibrations and other sensations. This is merely energy that is being dispersed to you via higher vibrational energies. As you feel these energies flow through you, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and peace. At the end of the session, you’ll thank the various beings and energies that have displayed their presence and have spoken to you. These readings are intense and highly enlightening, and they can help you discover new ways to practice kindness and understanding. When complete, you’ll discover something new about yourself and find new ways to bring love and positive vibrations into your life every day so that it reaches others in everything you do.