FAQ about   Akashic Readings


What are the Akashic records and grids?

The records are a combination of meticulously engineered grids that are laid out as a road map to each record. Everything in the entire universe has not only a record for every moment in the past, present, and potential future, but an infinite amount of possibilities in each moment as well.

Where are the Akashic records?

Our universe is a succession of many planes and dimensions, each having its own unique vibrational frequency. The records are located in the higher dimensions. They exist in energy form and are not visible to the naked eye.


What is the new earth and how does the new earth relate to the future?

The earth has moved into a new energetic paradigm, the Aquarian age. The old era, the Piscean age, was lived and was dominated by the ego.  The new era is ruled by the heart center. The codes for what is to come are developing from an entirely new grid system. I have the codes to work and develop these systems for people individually and help assist their transition. 

What would be a reason that I would want to visit my soul’s records?

We as humans have no recall from lifetime to lifetime. In many cases, if there is an unresolved trauma,  the energy of the trauma can be transferred from lifetime to lifetime. For example, if a person dies from a drowning, in lifetimes to follow they may have a phobia of water or swimming. Whatever is in the past that may be holding someone back is resolved, thus unlocking the pathway and resetting the souls trajectory to what is to come. 


How does a session work?

A session is different for everyone. I help each client relax into a meditative state, then work with their higher self. Complex grid work is done to transition from that which is outdated to that which is in proper polarity with the shift. All valuable lessons are preserved and the central nervous system and glandular systems are attuned. The codes are translated into the human language and passed on to the client  in the manner dictated by their higher self.  This is always from the higher perspective, which is powerful and loving.

Will I receive a healing?

If this is your intention, it is certainly a possibility and a probability. Always be open minded. Your higher self is likely to take you to records that will facilitate the most powerful experience that is in alignment with your intention and soul's timing. This rarely comes in a way many expect, but it always delights and is always life changing.

How do I prepare for a session?

Have a direction and an intention for the session. What do you want to know or accomplish?

Be in a comfortable space where you will not have any interruptions.

Be well hydrated. and it is recommended to NOT be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during 24 to 48 hour period prior to your session.


Is it safe to see my records?

It is everyone’s right to see and know their records. Universal law dictates that the frequency of those entering the records has to match to embodying dimension. This rule also applies for being able to communicate with those who oversee the records. The safest way to approach the records is with a professional who is highly skilled in attuning to the proper vibration and who will solicit the guidance of your higher self. Your higher self knows everything about your souls’ path and will facilitate a visit without interrupting you souls' path. This is continuity very important.