Closing the Gap Retreat 

Prepare for permanent change

Join us on May 23rd, 2021 for a retreat into the exploration and fusing of science and spirituality. This is a very unique time in history, prepare to learn new advanced skills and information never before shared. You cannot leave this full immersion journey as the same person who walked in. Your evolution and transformation will be kickstarted and nurtured from the moment you arrive on the site of the magical, secluded, outdoor setting.

Don't miss this  opportunity seating is limited!  

Dr. Krista Griffin

Dr. Krista Griffin 


Krista is a Certified Functional Medicine Practioner, Certified Acupuncturist and a has over 20 years of treatment room experience as a licensed Chiropractor. Krista’s focus has always been on facilitating the body to heal itself by restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Her passion is to educate and empower people to heal themselves by tapping into the inherent healing potential of the body. Utilizing her professional experience, knowledge of quantum mechanics and passion for science, she offers profound insights into health, healing and the nature of reality. Currently, Krista is a sought-after teacher and facilitator for groups, businesses and individuals interested in true health, healing, well-being, productivity and happiness.


Carolyn Berl

Carolyn is an internationally respected  bestselling author,  communicator to advanced universal and galactic intelligences, powerful intuitive healer, as well as a Kundalini Yoga, pranayama, and meditation teacher. In her 30 years of experience as an advanced Akashic grid developer she has very unique and proprietary methods of universal communication and energy healing. This, combined with her master-level ability to work with Universal Law, allows her a very unique perspective in teaching  others how to permanently heal themselves. Carolyn’s goal is to transition people back to their soul’s trajectory working with private independent clients as well as group and corporate settings.

Laurel Harrington

Laurel, a perpetual student seeking deeper and deeper levels of delving into the human psyche with spiritual understanding. Laurel has a bachelor’s degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She is an experienced massage therapist in the Cayce Riley method, a yoga and meditation instructor and holds a certificate in positive psychology from the renowned Wholebeing Institute. She applies her growing knowledge of how meditation, well-being and spirituality merge with the daily fluctuations of living. She is the founder of The Ocean is My Guru, a surf experience aimed to help individuals learn and directly embody life’s teachings via the waves.  Laurel recently launched her coaching program, LAH WellBeing, with the intention to guide individuals from wellness to well-being, she believes that wellness is a fluctuating state and well-being is our anchor to truth.