"One visit with Carolyn is worth months of work with other healers"

D.B. Berlin, MD

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Our Services

Package One:                  Two Sessions                                                $250.00

Price includes two very personalized and live changing powerful sessions.

Akashic Reading and Healing Program is specifically designed for healing and soul expansion. Very powerful life changing program designed specifically for your needs and wants with the intension of healing and soul growth. This is a very powerful akashic readings and healing sessions guided by your higher self. Be prepared for positive change!


Session one:

Akashic Reading / clearing

 1 hour 15 minutes

Session two:

Full Integration

Integration session 30 minutes  


Package Two:            Three Sessions                                              $625.00

Price includes three very personalized and highly advanced sessions


Quantum Advanced Soul Placement Program is a life changing! This is designed specifically for those who are ready to receive the most powerful and advanced soul information.  Prepare to unblock, unlock, and pivot into your soul’s trajectory. If you are looking for profound change, are familiar with energy work, and are comfortable working with very high frequencies this is recommended for you.


Session one:

Full akashic reading, soul codes, trajectory alignment clearing, grid realignment and healing

1hour 15minutes

Session two:

Integration assistance and grounding codes into the new earth. Your codes will be further translated into practical application for everyday life

1 hour

Session three:

Application: Full Application and reset of soul trajectory

1 hour

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