Akashic Reading

Understanding Akashic Reading

An Akashic reading helps you discover a road map to your life. Everything in the universe has a record of every single moment from the past, present, and the future as well as infinite possibilities within each of those moments. Akashic records are found in higher dimensions in energy form, and they cannot be seen with the naked eye. As the earth moves into the new Aquarian age, new codes are developed for this new system. With a combination of medical intuition and an Akashic reading, you can tap into your destiny and possibly into your future.

As humans, we have no recollection of different lifetimes, which means there may be some unresolved trauma from a past life. This trauma can hold you back, but a thorough Akashic reading can help you unlock the pathway and reset your soul. This process allows you to have more control over the future trajectory of your life. Each session is different for every client, but you’ll work in a meditative state as you discover your higher self.

The medical intuitive concept can be integrated into your reading to help you dig deeper into your central nervous and glandular systems. As you become more attuned, complex gridwork is done to get you into an aligned polarity. With an open mind, you may be able to facilitate a truly powerful personal experience that is perfectly aligned with your soul’s timing and your true intentions. An Akashic reading is extremely life-changing and an experience you’ll never forget. Prepare for your reading by finding a comfortable space with no interruptions and stay hydrated so you can get through the session and feel amazing. The best results will be had if you attend without the influence of any drugs or alcohol for at least 24 to 48 beforehand. Contact me to book your appointment today.