Carolyn Berl


Carolyn is an internationally respected  bestselling author,  communicator to advanced universal intelligence and teacher of Kundalini yoga, pranayama, and meditation.  Carolyn is a powerful intuitive healer and in her 30 years of experience,  has developed 

powerful proprietary methods of 

universal communication and energy healing. This, combined with her master-level ability to work with Universal Law, allows her to resolve and abolish old grid systems that are holding you back from a healthy and happy life. Personal sessions involve an evaluation of your soul history to determine what is causing your blocks which are leading to physical and emotional unrest. The goal of this very unique work is for you to discover your true essence and to restore your emotional and physical well-being.

From a very young age

when I would meet people, these web-like images would appear and I would receive flashes of information. The insights would come first from their present, then their past, and then their future. This would happen in a succession of overlapping layers, at one time, all in a fraction of a second.  I never knew what to do with this information. I was not only seeing these experiences. I was also feeling what I saw, and the complexity of the frequencies left me with extreme social anxiety and depression.  I had also unknowingly been seeing dead people in three-dimensional form since I was a young child. I had no idea that others did not see what I did and that mine was a unique experience. In my twenties, I started working to understand and develop my experiences into useable skills. Fast-forward to my forties when my trajectory would pivot during a surprise meeting with my Galactic family. This meeting would greatly upgrade my capacity to understand who I was and how I was innately able to help others.

meeting with my galactic family

The Life Changing Reunion with My Arcturian Galactic Family

My visit with my galactic family began one morning as I was beginning my usual meditation; my eyes were closed and I was moving through space.  As usual, I passed the dimensions on my way to the void of light for my scheduled daily meeting with universal wisdom. On this particular day as I was ascending up, I was greeted by a hand that was coming out of a hole at the end of a misty, cloud-like tube. I didn’t think twice as I willingly grabbed the hand and, like the vacuum tube at the drive-up bank teller, went up into the unknown. I was greeted by several silhouetted, human-like images who were a bit taller than me and had slightly larger round heads. The environment around me was back lit, which created a monochromatic haze that muted facial details and all other identifying characteristics. From the moment I reached for that hand in the worm hole, I was enveloped with an oddly familiar, loving vibration.

Galactic’s will often mute their visual appearance for safety reasons. It is very risky for humans to be with the advanced intelligences. One reason is because of the extremely high vibrations in the heart center, which translate to a deep and overwhelming feeling of love unmatched by anything on earth. Secondly, it can be very scary because by design we have no recall of our past and a Galactic’s appearance can be very different from anything with which we are familiar on earth. Thirdly, the strong feeling of love experienced in the heart center can cause people to spend their lives chasing ways to recreate that feeling, resulting in deep unrest, disappointment and sadness. 

Arcturian's are millions of years ahead of earth in spiritual evolution. They are very heart centered, and our human bodies are not designed to withstand the frequency they emanate; nor can we understand the intelligence the frequency beholds. There is nothing in the earth experience that can prepare us, and they know it is extremely hard on a human’s biology, specifically the central nervous and endocrine systems. I should add that it is equally hard on Galactics to connect with the dense earth frequencies and it requires great preparation on their part to come here.  

I can only describe my experience through the lens of what it would be like to get struck by lightning in the heart and mind. In my work as an intuitive healer, I have attuned my body to very high frequencies, but this was like nothing I have ever before felt from the dimensions. The intelligence contained in the vibration of the interaction took several years for me to translate and is still expanding today.

My meeting with them was much more than serendipitous. In fact, it was an intervention of sorts.  I was, as most Galactics in the human form, having a very difficult time navigating the earth experience.

I was not taken aboard a ship, which is typically what people who have these encounters describe. Instead, I was on my home planet. In front of me were at least five beings and they were in a triangle formation similar to a flock of Canadian geese in flight. The one at the point position was masculine. He had the deep resonance of a wise and loving father energy.  I was embraced in a hug, which I now know served to transfer intelligence through our heart centers, a massive opening. No one vocalized speech. All communication was loving, supportive and telepathic.  We sat together and he handed me a hand mirror just like one you would buy at the corner drug store. One of the biggest struggles I had been experiencing in this life was my relationship with my human appearance, I have always had a deep sadness and a dysmorphic sense of my own physical appearance with both my body and facial features. I held the mirror up to my face. My human self was not allowed to see what was in the reflection, but in the higher dimension, I could see exactly what I look like. I looked like them and I was overwhelmed with happiness. I was shown that this was why I could never appreciate my human self. I related to the physical characteristics common on my home planet. I will never forget how this felt. In the presence of my family I repeated over and over, “I am beautiful!” Back on earth, my human self sat sobbing with the deepest sense of healing and knowing; a life-long mystery had been solved.  So much awareness flooded in: why I am by nature androgynous; why I am plagued by enormous amounts of energy; why I strive to have a physical body so different than the one I inhabit; why my heart feels so deeply and I am so sensitive to the low frequencies associated with the earth experience; why I can see the future in such detail;  why my brain works so differently than most humans; and why I am able to see viruses and bacteria. I now understand why I am able to see the underground roots of the trees with my naked eye …….. I see everything, and until this intervention, most of my earth experience had been just a painful succession of awkward events to me.



The visit with my family was short, but It was to change my life forever. I was given the gift of a feeling that was so advanced and beyond what my human consciousness could understand.

Since then, through ongoing communication with many galactic beings or what I call my “co-workers,” I have been re-acquainted with my own identity as a master engineer of the universal grid systems, also known as the Akashic Records. This explains why in the earth experience I am able to work with them so easily.

In addition to my involvement with several research projects for my Galactic co-workers, my main purpose in this life is to help progress earth’s evolution at this time and its future relationship to the universe as a whole.


Now as a Galactic Ambassador for New Earth, I am part of a group here on earth facilitating a new grid system that prepares humanity for the future. There are many of us in all different capacities of this evolution. I am a ground worker. I work with individual members of the public to amend their soil and root systems. There are many across the globe approaching this change from all directions.  You may be one of them.


What does this mean? A brand-new earth is here and all of humanity is awakening with people ready to assume their role.

In each session, I assist individuals to navigate through their records for the sake of healing outdated patterns, thus allowing them to move forward smoothly into the new era.