Are you struggling with the 

loss of

smell and taste from the Covid-19 Virus? 

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your quality of life.

I am seeing great success with post covid-19 patients in helping to restore the loss of smell and taste through proprietary energy healing methods." 



About Carolyn

Carolyn Berl is a bestselling author, communicator of advanced universal intelligence and a powerful intuitive healer. 

In her 30 of experience she has developed  powerful proprietary methods of universal communication and energy healing. This, combined with her master level ability to work with Universal Law, allows her to resolve and abolish old grid systems that are holding you back from a healthy and happy life. Personal Sessions involve an evaluation of your soul history to determine what is causing your blocks which are leading to physical and or emotional unrest. The goal of this very unique work is for you to discover your true essence and restore your emotional and physical well being.

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Are you wondering why this is happening?

Join me on this most fascinating journey through the lens of universal law to discover how you can navigate through excessive fear and outsmart this and any virus by viewing the world through its intelligence. Learn to understand its purpose  and mission so you can work with it and lesson your chances of being a host.


100% of profits are being donated to old forest preservation.    

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"This book is not Just for those who have unexplained illness, it is a book for all of humanity! Life changing!" 

Dying for a Diagnosis takes the reader on a magnificent and empowering journey. This is not your typical self help book you are taken into the world beyond the eye and the physical world to experience life from a futuristic and new earth perspective.  Through the lens of Universal Law Carolyn masterfully teaches the reader steps and  tools to take control of their lives to heal their mental and physical health and live their best life in a ground breaking way.  

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