Life and Soul Ascension

Let me show you what is actually right with you!

Have you always felt like a square peg in a round hole?


Receive your souls most advanced  multidimensional codes

prepare for expansion in   

business, community, and your personal life

"If you want to make quantum leaps of healing and transformation,

Carolyn can help you."

"Expect to learn a lot about yourself,  you'r blocks and how to shift your energy for ascension."

It's time to align with your purpose!

If you are reading this, chances are you are a gifted light worker. As we all know, being a light worker looks different for everyone. Things are changing very quickly! Let me help you get unlocked to pass through the threshold of the ascension veil.


These advanced grid codes are for you if you identify as any of the following:

  • spiritual truth seeker  

  • high-profile business professional

  • Galactic 

  • astrologer 

  • channeler 

  • energy worker

  • intuitive 

  • tarot reader 

  • yogi 

  • master energy healer

As a Galactic ambassador to the earth and master of the Akashic Records, I am ready to help you immerse in the higher dimensions so that you can access universal wisdom yourself.  

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This is what others have to say 

Cynthia L.

Attorney, Bestselling Author, Engineer 

"Expect to learn a lot about yourself,  your blocks and how to begin shifting your energy for ascension."

Tiffany S.

Biotech professional  

"If you want to make quantum leaps of healing and transformation, Carolyn can help you.  In working with Carolyn I've witnessed such healing and an opening to a higher path of consciousness."

S. D. J.

Entrepreneur, Independant Business Woman

 "She empowers you and moves your spirit in a way that motivates and strengthens you, so you are able to find a clearer way forward."

Carolina d O

Professional dancer, Yogie, teacher and mother

"Carolyn has a magical energy that makes you feel surrounded by unconditional love. She makes you feel stronger, wiser and more capable each time you talk to her"




Amazon Best Seller!

"This book is not just for those who have unexplained illness. It is a book for all of humanity! Life changing!" 

Dying for a Diagnosis takes the reader on a magnificent and empowering journey. This is not your typical self help-book. You are taken into the world beyond the eye and the physical world to experience life from a futuristic and new earth perspective. Through the lens of Universal Law, Carolyn masterfully teaches the reader steps and  tools to take control of their lives, to heal their mental and physical health, and to live their best life in a ground-breaking way.  

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"One visit with Carolyn is worth months of work with other healers"

D.B. Berlin, MD

Professional Photographer

Quantum Advanced Soul Placement package

Three Sessions


Quantum Advanced Soul Placement Program is a life changing! This is designed specifically for those who are ready to receive the most powerful and advanced soul information.  Prepare to unblock, unlock, and pivot into your soul’s trajectory. If you are looking for profound change, are familiar with energy work, and are comfortable working with very high frequencies this is recommended for you.


Session one:

Full akashic reading, soul codes, trajectory alignment clearing, grid realignment and healing

1hour 15minutes

Session two:

Integration assistance and grounding codes into the new earth. Your codes will be further translated into practical application for everyday life 1 hour

Session three:

Application: Full Application and reset of soul trajectory 1 hour

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